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KingtechVN built many apps that serve your need. Especially in IP Camera viewer



This app rocks as far as I am concerned. Both for dynamic dns and on the local lan. I used to use Foscam pro, another 3rd party app, but it stopped working on the wan with dynamic dns after a firmware update. Foscam‘ s own app was hit and mis and the fact you had to log on to their web site did not sit well with me either. This app works if you know what you are doing and I do get audio as well, both talking and hearing... FI9821 Version 3, I am running 3 cams. I just need to make sure I never do a firmware update because I’m sure Foscam will want to do something with their code to stop this app from working as well.


I don’t usually do reviews but having been frustrated with Foscams own app, I tried this, best £ I’ve spent on an app yet 5*